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Group BRED has with its subsidiary, EPBF, a Payment Institution active on the SEPA payments market in Belgium. EPBF, located in Brussels, has already an international client base and we wish to further develop our activity on the Belgian market. That is why we are now connected to the multibank and ultra-secured network of Isabel 6.

In the current context of standardization of payment methods, we distinguish ourselves by offering a close, privileged relationship in which each specific client need receives a tailor made solution.

EPBF is currently processing one third of all SEPA Direct Debits initiated from Belgium and we would like to further increase our market share towards midsized and large corporations. We are leveraging on the technical expertise of our mother company, BRED Bank Populaire, who is one of the most important players on the French payments market and part of Group BPCE, the second banking group in France.