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Quality is key

At EPBF we want to deliver fast and qualitative solutions to our clients. Therefore we offer a smooth and swift implementation process with concrete agreed upon deadlines. We also foresee a testing phase in order to guarantee a flawless execution of your transactions once your cash management structure has been implemented. (in 2023 EPBF processed 100% of all transactions first-time-right)

Once your cash management solution is live, we organize regular feedback sessions so that we can continuously improve our offering based on our client’s feedback.

Furthermore we have a dedicated Customer Support team who is specialized in “big billers” and ensures qualitative and fast responses to all outstanding requests.

For what concerns our tailor made solutions, we agree upon the delivery dates in close cooperation with our clients. Our flexible IT structure enables us to offer a very competitive time to market.

In order to make these commitments concrete we propose a service level agreement which details all promises made.